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Sport Ice hockey
Home city Kaunas
Series NVLRL
Team members 70 (Player list)


I hope that you're doing well and everyone are enjoying their summer and holidays. I wish the weather has been more pleasant than in cold Finland.

I saw a video and I would like to share it with you - some thoughts for upcoming season and all seasons after that.

This hockey as it's greatest, maybe you can find it out by watching the video! It offers an opportunity to continue the healthy lifestyle, bring happiness and to stay physically active during the lifespan instead of setting doctor times and staying home.

See you in few weeks!



Hi,thanks for sharing!

Gytis, profile photo

Labas, gal kas galite parašyti stovyklos koordinates ?

Gerardas, profile photo

Vesk Kapčiamiestis turėtų parodyti, o po to Linui paskambink :-)

Gytis, profile photo

Radau mapsuose

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